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Treesearch Insight

WWSC Postdocs and Treesearch Industrial Postdoc Program

Online conference, May 25

After two years of excellent research work, we want to turn the focus towards results and future plans.

In this forward-thinking conference, postdocs from WWSC and Treesearch Industrial Program present the final results of their projects and look back at the importance as well as merits of industry-academia collaboration for the development of the future bioeconomy. How can new materials be used in industrial processes? How can academia and industry work together to bridge this process in the future?

 Registration is free and open for you who are associated to Treesearch and/or WWSC. The registration closes May 21.

This event is divided into two sessions: a pitch session where postdocs briefly present their research, followed by parallel insight sessions where the presenters hold a more in-depth presentation with the opportunity for discussions.

The event will be held online using the platform Gatherly which will give you an interactive digital conference experience.

This a Treesearch Insight conference; a conference that provides insight into technical and scientific results from an associated activity or project within Treesearch. 



Program point



Coffee mingle

Welcome lobby


Welcome and opening of the conference

Main Conference Floor


Pitches by all postdocs

Main Conference Floor


Presentations in parallel sessions

Workshop Floors

Cellulose passive radiative coolers
Debashree Banerjee, Linköing University

Self-assembly of 2D nanomaterials with Nanocellulose and organic molecules for energy storage and separation
Weiqian Tian, KTH

Lignin blend films
Panagiotis Spiliopoulos, Chalmers

Chair person: Yuanyuan Li


Coffee break

Welcome lobby, Garden


Presentations in parallel sessions

Workshop Floors


Panel discussion and wrap-Up

Anastasia Riazanova, KTH 
Emma Östmark, Stora Enso

Ola Wallberg, Lund University
Lauren McKee, KTH
Yuanyuan Li, KTH
Tomas Rosén, KTH
Isak Engquist, Linköping University

Main Conference Floor


Lunch mingle

Welcome lobby, Garden


End of conference


 Registration is closed.


For questions regarding the conference and content please contact