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Autumn 2022

Packaging materials

Packaging will be presented and discussed from the performance perspective, in certain applications with a focus on food stuffs, including product safety (especially materials and barriers perspective), economics/services (systems perspective), communications and marketing, logistics, design and sustainability. Materials used in packaging, and some of the converting processes, will be covered, such as glass, metals, polymers

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The course contains 4 topics covering the following: History and development of nanocelluloses (NC). Knowledge of the structure of the fibre wall and the overall link to nanocellulose extraction. Different types of NCs, their colloidal properties and essential characterization techniques. Materials and applications from nanocellulose.

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WWSC summer school 2022

Treesearch students that want to attend, please register in the registration form below.  WWSC Academy are courses that contain lectures, study visits and group work on specific topics for 3 – 4 days and are arranged by WWSC twice a year. The courses are open to all Treesearch doctoral students. The maximum number of participants are

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