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Economics in Pulp and Paper Making

The course is a post-gradual course. The objective is to increase the understanding of the interplay between economic and technology factors, and between different industrial sectors, in the forest-based value chains and biorefinery production. The course combines economic and management theory lectures with presentations of industrial cases by industry representatives.  Driving forces behind the

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Renewable polymers and Green Materials

Polymers derived from renewable resources and green materials are discussed from a scientific and commercial perspective, covering the entire span from established knowledge to future developments. The course curriculum includes structures and typical property profiles of common renewable polymeric materials, the effect of structural variations on the material performance, a commercial and scientific overview of

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Wood Biorefinery

The course will give an overview of an emerging industry aiming at better utilisation of biomass into both a broader spectrum of new chemicals, materials and composites as well as more efficient energy use and production of energy carriers. Focus is on the forest related sector but it also has some relevance for the agro

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Lignin – A hidden gem for biorefineries

The course is cancelled 2021 due to the Corona situation. This summer course, given by the departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Lund University, covers aspects of lignin research from the scientific, analytical and industrial points of view. Topics: Lignin chemistry, Plant engineering, Depolymerization of lignin, Chemicals from lignin, Chemical analysis of lignin. This is

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